a corpus of texts printed in the 15th century



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Phalaris Epistolae [Latin] (trans. Franciscus Griffolinus Aretinus; ed. Johannes Antonius Campanus).
Analysis of content:
  1. [a1v] Campanus, Johannes Antonius: [Preface dedicated to] Franciscus Todeschini Piccolomini. Incipit: ‘Queris quod genus epistolarum maxime probem . . .’
  2. [a2r] [Griffolinus] Aretinus, Franciscus: ‘Proemium' [addressed to] Malatesta Novellus. Incipit: ‘[V]ellem Malatesta Nouelle princeps illustris tantam mihi dicendi facultatem dari . . .’
  3. [a4v] Phalaris [pseudo-]: Epistolae. Translated by Franciscus Griffolinus Aretinus. Edited by Johannes Antonius Campanus. ‘Phalaris Alciboo'. Incipit: ‘[P]olycletus Messenius quem proditionis apud ciues . . .’ Explicit: laudem consecuturam See P‑240.
  4. [f4v] [Griffolinus] Aretinus, Franciscus: [Dedication of the translation of four further letters to] Alphonsus I (V), King of Aragon. Incipit: ‘[Q]uatuor Phalaridis epistolas quas nuper in alio libro inuentas . . .’ See P‑240.
[Rome: Ulrich Han, 1470-1]. 4°.
Source: Bodleian ISTC: ip00547000 H 12876?; C 4731; Goff P‑547; BMC IV 21; Pr 3347; CIBN P‑282; Sheppard 2662. Microfiche: Unit 8: Printing in Italy before 1472: Part II. LCN: 14490684
  1. P-241(1) Copy Wanting the blank leaves [f7,8]. Binding: Eighteenth/nineteenth-century gold-tooled quarter red morocco over green pasteboards; red-edged leaves. Size: 216 × 162 × 15 mm. Size of leaf: 210 × 155 mm. A bibliographical note by J. T. Hand is pasted on the front endleaf. Provenance: Giacomo Lucchesini (1753-1820); erased signature on front pastedown. Giuseppe Molini; oval ticket with the head of Dante on front pastedown. J. T. Hand (fl. 1834-1837), 1836; signature on front endleaf dated 1836; sale (1837), lot 126; purchased for £0. 1. 0: see Books Purchased (1837), 30. SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 5.87b.