a corpus of texts printed in the 15th century



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Phalaris Epistolae [Latin] (trans. Franciscus Griffolinus Aretinus).
Analysis of content:
  1. A1r [Griffolinus] Aretinus, Franciscus: ‘Praefatio' [addressed to] Malatesta Novellus. Incipit: ‘[V]ellem Malatesta Nouelle princeps illustris tantam mihi dicendi facultatem dari . . .’
  2. A2v Phalaris [pseudo-]: Epistolae. Translated by Franciscus Griffolinus Aretinus. ‘Phalaris Alciboo'. Incipit: ‘[P]olycletus Mesenius quem proditionis apud ciues . . .’ See P‑240.
  3. E2v [Griffolinus] Aretinus, Franciscus: [Dedication of the translation of four further letters to] Alphonsus I (V), King of Aragon. Incipit: ‘[Q]uatuor Phalaridis epistolas quas nuper in alio libro inuentas . . .’ See P‑240.
  4. E4r [Griffolinus] Aretinus, Franciscus: [Letter addressed to] Franciscus Pellatus Patavinus. Incipit: ‘[S]cripsisti ad me Francisce Patauine uir eximie . . .’
  5. E4r [Colophon.]
Pavia: Franciscus de Sancto Petro, 21 Aug. 1479. 4°.
A–C8 D6 E4. Leaf A3 signed B3. Type: 108 R. 34 leaves. 32 lines (A1r). Type area: 174 ×109 mm (A1r). Capital spaces, some with guide-letters. Leaf A1r: ‘Ad Illuſtrem Magnanimūqƺ principem .d. Malateſtaƺ | nouellum de Malateſtis. Franciſci Aretini præfatio in trāſ | latione Epiſtolarum Phalaridis: |'; A2v: ‘Phalaris Alciboo. S. | [P]Olycletus Meſenius quem proditionis apud ciues | tuos inſimulas . . .'; E3v: ‘Franciſci Aretini in Phalaridis Tiranni Aggrigētini epiſ- | tole e græco in latinū traducte feliciter Expliciunt.'; E4r: ‘Eiuſdē Franciſci ad Franciſcū pellotū Patauinū'; colophon: ‘Opus imp̄ſſum papie [per] Franciſchuƺ de ſancto petro Anno | dn̄i. Mo. cccco. Lxxviiijo. die xxi. Aguſti || Regiſtrum . . .'; col. 2: ‘LAVS.DEO.’
Source: Bodleian ISTC: ip00557000 C 4733; Goff P‑557; not in Pr; Sheppard 5836-7. LCN: 13961128
  1. P-248(1) Copy Binding: Eighteenth-century English gold-tooled red morocco; gilt-edged leaves and marbled pastedowns; bound for Charles Spencer. Size: 268 × 190 × 13 mm. Size of leaf: 260 × 179 mm. Some marginal notes, washed, mainly extracting key words, in an early hand. On E4v early drawings of a hand and of a human profile. Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red. SHELFMARK: Don. d.187.