a corpus of texts printed in the 15th century



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Phalaris Epistolae [Italian] Epistole (trans. Bartholomaeus Fontius, from the Latin version of Franciscus Griffolinus Aretinus).
Analysis of content:
  1. a1r Fontius, Bartholomaeus: ‘Proemio' [addressed to] Francesco Baroncini. Incipit: ‘[B]en chio fussi Francesco mio dalle faccende et familiari et domestiche . . .’
  2. a1v [Griffolinus] Aretinus, Franciscus: ‘Proemio' [addressed to] Malatesta Novellus. Translated into Italian by Bartholomeus Fontius from the Latin version of Franciscus Griffolinus Aretinus. Incipit: ‘[I]o vorrei Malatesta Nouello principe illustre che mi fussi concessa nel dire tanta faculta . . .’ See P‑253.
  3. a5r Phalaris [pseudo-]: Epistole. Translated into Italian by Bartholomaeus Fontius. ‘Phalari ad Alcibo suo inimico'. Incipit: ‘[P]olicleto Messinese elquale tu accusi falsamente acittadini . . .’ See P‑253, without the last four letters (nos 64, 68, 72-3).
Florence: Francesco di Dino, 31 July 1489. 4°.
Source: Bodleian ISTC: ip00569000 HR 12905; Goff P‑569; BMC VI 634; Pr 6338; Rhodes 1394; Sheppard 5091-2. Microfiche: Unit 2: Classics in translation. LCN: 14489889
  1. P-255(1) First copy Binding: Nineteenth-century(?) blind-tooled quarter red morocco, with blue-edged leaves, marbled pastedowns, and pink silk bookmark. Size: 204 × 140 × 15 mm. Size of leaf: 200 × 134 mm. Provenance: Circular engraving, 16 mm diameter, of the head of a dog baillonné; also in A‑334, C‑147 and D‑003; the arms of dell'Osso of Ravenna are a dog baillonné seated. Purchased 4 Dec. 1900 from Francesco Perrella, Catalogue 22, no. 112, for 50 Lire; see Library Bills (1900). SHELFMARK: Inc. e. I9.1489.1.
  2. P-255(2) Second copy Bound with D‑083; see there for details of binding and provenance. Size of leaf: 190 × 128 mm. SHELFMARK: Byw. L 1.3(2).