a corpus of texts printed in the 15th century



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Vergerius, Petrus Paulus De ingenuis moribus ac liberalibus studiis, et al.
Analysis of content:
  1. a1r [Summary of contents.] Incipit: ‘In isto uolumine duo sunt . . .’
  2. a1r Vergerius, Petrus Paulus: De ingenuis moribus ac liberalibus studiis [addressed to] Ubertinus Carrariensis. See V‑063.
  3. d2r [Brunus] Aretinus, Leonardus: Epistola [addressed to] Coluccius [Salutatus]. ‘Ad Collucium Florentinum in traductionem magni Basilii Cesarie Capadocie Archiepiscopi ad nepotes prohemium'. See V‑063.
  4. d2v Basilius Magnus: [De liberalibus studiis et ingenuis moribus]. ‘Ad nepotes quo pacto gentilium libros legere Christianos oporteat'. Translated from the Greek by Leonardus Brunus Aretinus, as stated in the heading. See V‑063.
  5. e3v [Brunus] Aretinus, Leonardus: [Isagogicon moralis disciplinae, addressed to] Galeotus [Ricasoli]. ‘In libros morales Aristotilis ysagogicum'. See A‑388. The work is referred to as ‘Isagogicum in libros Ethice Aristotilis' in the colophon on f8v.
[Louvain]: Johannes de Westfalia, [between 8 Apr. 1476 and Nov. 1477]. 4°. As dated by CIBN; Sheppard dates to [1475].
Source: Bodleian ISTC: iv00131000 HC 15984; Goff V‑131; BMC IX 138; Pr 9211; Amelung, ‘Niederländische Inkunabeln', 67; Campbell 1724; CIBN V‑97; HPT II 435; ILC 2147; Oates 3697-8; Sheppard 7077. LCN: 14693857
  1. V-065(1) Copy Bound with A‑021(3); see there for details of binding and provenance. Size of leaf: 202 × 142 mm. Frequent marginal notes in a contemporary north European hand, in brown or red ink, supplying headings, brackets, three dots and tail, and pen-trials. On a1r a six-line initial ‘F' is supplied in red ink with reserved white decoration, with pen-work in brown ink and extensions into the inner margin. Elsewhere initials are decorated with brown ink and paragraph marks are supplied in red; capital strokes and underlining in red. SHELFMARK: Arch. G e.5(2).